Ain’t No Dog-Gone Way! 🐕

Yesterday, 5/25 was my grandads 84th birthday and my family came together to celebrate 🎉 him…..socially distant, of course! It was so hard to refrain from giving my nephews the hugest hug 🤗 and kiss 😚 on the cheeks!! I love those little guys so much!! 💙 💙 Although we didn’t embrace, I made sure […]

Oh! you Mad 💞

Have you ever found yourself so focused on making sure you’re “right within” (Lauryn Hill Moment: “How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within?!” 🎶 🎶 😂) ……and “ok” 👌🏾…..that the rest of the world seems to fade away in the background?? Now, it’s not that you don’t care 🤷🏽‍♀️ or are totally self-involved….it’s […]

Glow Who?! Glow YOU! 💡

“Sis, you’re glowing!” “Drea, there is a glow about you now.” “Andrea, you’re glowing sis.” Some have said it to me in awe, while others have said to me with exuberance and laughter. “You’re glowing!” …… I’ve heard this statement a ton over the last few months and at first I was like, “yes, I’m […]

Yesterday…… ☀️🌙💫👑

•Yesterday, I was very intentional. •Yesterday, I took my time with everything I did. •Yesterday, I applied FULL makeup myself for the FIRST time in my life💄and it took a longgggg time but I enjoyed every second. 🤪😂💋#thankyouYouTube I have a deeper level of respect ✊🏽for my trusted #MUA’s •Yesterday, I wasn’t on my phone […]

I Am Enough 💞

Each year around my birthday 🎂 I like to reflect on the year lived and plan for the year to come. Well, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. If you told me last year in May that so many things would be different in my life and in the lives of others this year […]

Truth Tells The Truth

Do you have people in your life that aren’t fearful of telling you the truth? Do you have family, friends or loved ones that won’t back down just because the conversation or confrontation may be difficult? Take a moment and think about it…….. Do you have this type of support in your life? Is it […]

Hide. Go Seek.

Do you remember playing “hide, go, and seek” as a child?! Often times, as children we thought we were hiding really well but we actually weren’t. LOL. We were actually pretty awful at it, until we became older and learned how to tip-toe a lot better and learned how to crawl into deep, dark, hidden […]